The Parliamentary Liaison Office of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) is the official vehicle for contact and dialogue between the Catholic Church in South Africa on the one hand, and the country’s Parliament and government on the other. It provides an avenue for the Church – as part of civil society – to contribute to debates on issues of public policy, to exert an influence for the common good in areas of political, economic and social concern, and to help shape legislative and policy developments.


Latest Publications

Briefing Paper 432: RDP Housing: Success or Failure

South Africa is still riddled with socio-economic inequalities that result in the majority of the population being at a major disadvantage
in economic, social and many other aspects.

Upcoming & Recent Events

Women and Land, 29 June 2017

Around the world and in South Africa, women are the main workers on the land, but do not feature significantly when it comes to ownership of land.

The Nature of Corruption Locally and Internationally, 7 July 2017

We are all deeply concerned about the levels of corruption in our country; it seems that nearly every day brings new revelations of undue influence, ‘state capture’ and cronyism of various kinds.

Community Protests: a means to make local government listen? 27 June 2017

Categorising community protests as being about “service delivery” underestimates the importance of other grievances protesters also raise — issues such as representation, corruption, jobs and crime…