The Parliamentary Liaison Office of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC) is the official vehicle for contact and dialogue between the Catholic Church in South Africa on the one hand, and the country’s Parliament and government on the other. It provides an avenue for the Church – as part of civil society – to contribute to debates on issues of public policy, to exert an influence for the common good in areas of political, economic and social concern, and to help shape legislative and policy developments.



Latest Publications

  • Refugees Digest 21 December 2017 Refugees Digest 21 December 2017 The UN has recently published ‘The Global Compact of Refugees’.
  • BP 446 The Quest for a Decent Standard of Living BP 446 The Quest for a Decent Standard of Living Dec 2017 Poverty is a universal phenomenon that is understood in many different ways. What is common to the different ways of understanding poverty is how it affects the ability of individuals to meet basic needs in order to live a dignified life.
  • BP 445 Structural Unemployment in SA Over the past twenty-three years, South Africa has made considerable strides in regard to social development and citizens’ access to social and public services in general.   BP 445 Structural Unemployment In SA Dec 2017
  • Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament This Digest marks Pope Francis’ call for the abolition of nuclear weapons and publicises his call to condemn even the possession of nuclear weapons. Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament December 2017

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