BP 533: Aligning Policies for a Low Carbon Economy: SA’s Commitment to a Just Transition by Lovedonia Mkansi

There is sufficient basis in climate science base and the supporting evidence to show that global surface and atmospheric temperatures continue to rise as a result of further warming. Although natural drivers and internal climate variability could likely have an influence over the changes observed in global temperatures, these are not enough to explain the rate at which warming is happening. It is now a well-established fact that human activities have an extreme influence in comparison to natural climate variability, and the time to ignore or deny this fact is simply over. Human induced climate change is happening at a more rapid rate, and the impact is – in the short term – irreversible. Studies continue to warn about the impact of climate change as they have done for decades now, and the significant part is that we are now in a position to observe in different regions the devastating effects of unmitigated climate change.


BP 533 Aligning Policies for a Low Carbon Economy SA’s Commitment to a Just Transition Lovedonia Mkansi