BP 534: The Importance of Play during COVID-19 by Lois Law

In many ways the needs of children have been overlooked during the pandemic. It is important to be mindful that children have had interrupted schooling; they have lost opportunities to play with friends; and have spent extended periods of time at home, often in difficult circumstances where they may have experienced financial hardship and hunger. They may also have been exposed to gender-based violence and corporal punishment. Many calls to helplines and emergency numbers have come from children. Furthermore, children have witnessed the harsh realities of illness and death.[i]

[i]On Tuesday, 7th September 2021 the CPLO hosted a Webinar on ‘The Importance of Play during COVID-19’. The Webinar was addressed by Dr Shaheda Omar, Director of the Teddy Bear Clinic for Abused Children and Ms Angela Katschke, Managing Director of the Butterfly Art Project.BP 534 The Importance of Play by Lois Law