BP 540: The Zimbabwe Exemption Permit by Peter-John Pearson

During the first few days of 2022 holders of the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit (ZEP) were issued with a letter dated 31st December 2021, from the Director General of the Department of Home Affairs, confirming the Cabinet decision of 24th November 2021 not to renew these permits.[i] The DG explained that he was writing on behalf of the Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi. 31st December 2021 was the date on which the ZEPs expired but, as the letter points out, there will be a grace period of one year to enable holders of the permit to explore the possibility of using other visas to anchor their stay in South Africa, or to return voluntarily to Zimbabwe. The letter stresses that the Minister has issued specific instructions that no punitive action should be taken against any holder of the ZEP during this grace period, but those who stay on without a new visa after 31st  December 2022 face the possibility of deportation.BP 540 The Zimbabwe Exemption Permit by Peter-John Pearson