Three European responses to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, 26 March 2019

The seminar will provide an outline how and why the ‘European’ response was so mixed: in Belgium the compact was first accepted but next caused a political crisis and the government toppled over it; in the Netherlands (and also Iceland, Lithuania, Malta and Denmark), there was a ‘stipulation’ added within the wider context of acceptance and in Austria, the new right-wing government rejected the compact and refused to sign it (just as in Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria).

Elections 2019: Who Is Saying What About Corruption?, 19 March 2019

Each day the Zondo Commission of Enquiry provides us with uncomfortable viewing. We are
hearing about the way in which the state was captured and how those at the very highest level
of the state – the former President included – were complicit. Many questions have been raised
about what happens after the Zondo Commission.