Refugee Digest 51: Migrants, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons

Through the long months of the national lockdown, the DHA has periodically issued extensions to the validity of documents of refugees and asylum seekers whose papers have expired. However, despite this, recent reports indicate that the expiration of documents is used as an excuse by employers for refusing to employ the holders of expired documents and that government bodies such as SASSA and the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission have refused services to holders of expired documents. This is seen by many as part of a creeping policy of exclusion of refugees and asylum seekers, even when the law offers limited protection. In addition, despite a court ruling and clear directives from the government to the contrary, it is reported that some schools are still turning away undocumented and refugee children.

Refugee Digest 51 Migrants,Refugees,Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons