The Quest for a Decent Standard of Living, 10 Nov 2017

We hosted a Roundtable Discussion exploring the many complex issues relating to a Decent Standard of Living (DSL). Isobel Frye of the Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII) was the main speaker. One in four people in South Africa are food poor with the majority living on less than R550 a month. The reality, Ms Frye, indicated is that more than 70% of people in the Eastern Cape live below the poverty line. Because of the high levels of unemployment and the ever widening gap of inequality the question that should be asked is what is a decent standard of living? What would it cost and who should be responsible for its attainment? These were some of the questions Ms Frye and the participation engaged with. While it was clear that quantifying and determining an uniformed standard of living in a highly unequal South Africa is challenging, the quest for a DSL should not be abandoned.

L-R: Fr Matsepane Morare (CPLO Researcher and Moderator), Ms Isobel Frye, and Mr Kenny Pasensie (CPLO’s Economic Planning and Development Researcher)