Daily Reflection

 02 April 2020


The Lord remembers his covenant for ever.

~ Psalm 105 ~

Genesis 17:3-9; Psalm 105; John 8:51-59

Today’s readings remind us of the long loving relationship between the Jewish people and God. My daughter surprised me by praying for her Jewish friends in thanksgiving, because, as she said, without the Jewish people we would not have had Mary and Jesus. Even though she is only nine years old, she has a sense of how the Jewish people are part of God’s plan for the salvation of humankind. As I watch her making sense of people whose faith is similar, but different, and older than ours, I see in her an instinctive awareness that God is the same. She joins in with our friends’ Jewish prayers with a degree of confidence in saying yes to her Creator and Lord who is sometimes called Hashem.

In my confirmation, in my marriage vows, in becoming a mother, I was each time saying “yes” to God. My covenantal relationship with God has grown as I have entered into the vocation of being a Christian, a wife, and a mother. In this vocation God expects much of me and offers much to me. That is the nature of a covenant. It is a two-way relationship. This call to be obedient to God has caused me to think through my life and priorities. Being the mother of small children is hard work and a temptation is to resent how much work it is and to zone out. Or I may feel overly sorry for myself because last night one of the children was up all night. This is part of God’s call. To be there for them, to nurture, to protect, and to create a home. In thinking about my covenantal relationship with God I see now that God calls me to live generously, to give of myself. That call is an ongoing challenge.

How do you experience God’s call? What is your vocation, your gift to the world that God both gifts you with, but also asks of you? What is the grace you would ask of the Lord to help you to live out more deeply your covenantal relationship with God?

Help me
to know
as being
created by
for a
in the
Help me
to discover
and to
live it
with my
whole heart.

This reflection has been adapted from Have Mercy, O Lord! Daily Reflections for Lent by Grant Tungay SJRussell Pollitt SJAnnemarie Paulin-CampbellPuleng MatsanengAnthony Egan SJ and Frances Correia, & published by the Jesuit Institute South Africa in 2016.

Reflection prepared by Matthew Charlesworth SJ (@mcharlesworth)