Daily Reflection

 25 May 2020

“Be brave: I have conquered the world” 

~ John 16:33 ~

Acts 19:1-8; Psalm 67(68):2-7; John 16:29-33

There is a danger that religious people imagine a God who will protect them from every harm. A God who keepers believers in a protective cocoon.

How different from the image with receive from today’s Gospel. Jesus makes it clear that Christians should expect adversity. God does not protect believers from harm but accompanies us on our journey. We should expect adversity, even persecution. But the point is that God is with us even in the midst of our struggles.

Trusting in God, we can deal with what comes along because Jesus offers himself as a model. Fidelity to God’s will to the end, and the resurrection as the validation that it is all worth it, that in the end, God’s will be done.

Living the Christian life is an act of faithfulness to the Risen Christ according to the path each of us takes, whether in public or private life. Each life faces challenges. Each life offers opportunities to glorify God.

Loving God,
May we follow
the example
of your Son
in discerning
to follow you.
Send us
your Spirit’s
that we may
face adversity
and in doing so
conquer the world.
Reflection prepared by the Jesuit Institute (@jesuitinstitute)