“Being on the right side of history” Three European responses to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, 26 March 2019

CPLO hosted a seminar on various European responses to the UN Global Compact on Migration. It was led by Dr Jan Jans.  He pointed out how local politics especially the rise of populist parties, shaped the various responses. He also pointed to the increasingly ‘brutal’ language with regard to migrants and attitudes of hostility. This is the politics of the present moment. Participants pointed to the similarities around the world, SA, Australia, USA where similar narratives pertain especially narratives around security. Migration is seen primarily as a security issue and thus embedded in the language of threat. The response to European countries could be seen as a microcosm of broader international shifts in attitudes and policies towards migrants. Worrying signs also include the growing clamour for restrictive changes to foundational documents such as the Geneva Convention.