CADRE DEPLOYMENT Building or Breaking a Capable State?

Since coming to power in 1994 the ANC has implemented a policy of ‘cadre deployment’, in terms of which senior positions in government departments, state-owned enterprises, and the security forces have been filled, as far as possible, by people who are either ANC members or, at least, loyal to its political agenda. This was, arguably, a necessary step in the transition away from the apartheid era, but the policy has come under growing criticism. Its opponents say that it facilitates state capture, that it perpetuates corruption and misgovernance, and that it is simply unconstitutional. They argue that it blurs the distinction between party and state, a distinction that is vital to the democratic order.

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Speaker: Prof William Gumede of the School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand, and Executive Chairperson of the Democracy Works Foundation