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Refugees Digest 25

It is trite to say that the crises linked to displaced persons continue unabated and that there is an increasing hardening of attitudes towards displaced persons in many countries.

Refugees Digest 24

The scourge of trafficking in persons continues unabated. Pope Francis is on record as having said that human trafficking is worsening and that in some instances the evidence brings one to doubt the real commitment of some important players. It is estimated that women and girls constitute 79% of victims of modern slavery.

Family Digest 17

The current outbreak of Listeriosis in South Africa is one of the largest ever recorded in the world. It has claimed 180 lives to date, and has resulted in the hospitalization of hundreds more.

Refugees Digest 23

The issue of the free movement of peoples in Africa is a regarded as a key aspect in unlocking Africa’s economic potential. It is also a crucial consideration in considering policies around migration.

Submission on the National Minimum Wage Bill

The CPLO welcomes the opportunity to comment on the National Minimum Wage Bill. Throughout its history, the Catholic Church has upheld the ideal of the ‘just wage’: an amount sufficient for the worker’s own support and for that of his/her family, with proper provision made for old age and for emergencies.

Response: A Holding Cabinet

After the almost tsunami-like wave of euphoria that greeted Jacob Zuma’s handover of the reins of leadership to Cyril Ramaphosa, a wave boosted by the latter’s strong State of the Nation Address, it was inevitable that a measure of realpolitik would intrude at some stage.

Digest: The 2018 Budget

The Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, delivered his Budget Speech on Wednesday which spelled hard times ahead for South Africans, more specifically for the poor.

Response: The 2018 Budget

The first law of holes states that, if you find yourself in one, stop digging. Wednesday’s budget speech seems to have been a fairly sincere attempt to do just that.