Democracy and Good Governance

The primary reason for the creation of the CPLO in 1997 was to provide a vehicle for the Catholic Church to make its contribution to the new democracy that had recently taken root in South Africa. The Bishops spoke then of a ‘critically constructive’ relationship with the organs of the new democratic state. This remains our key function; along with many other civil society organizations, we play our part in upholding and promoting the values and ethics of democracy. By presenting the views of the Church to Parliament we also provide a conduit through which the concerns of an important constituency reach directly into the political centre. In a system based on pure proportional representation, with no direct accountability of Members of Parliament to defined electoral constituencies, this is crucially important.

The Sub-themes for this project are:

  • Political Comment and Analysis
  • Party Politics and Elections
  • Good Governance
  • Institutions Serving Democracy
  • Presence