Public Lecture: Pope Francis’ Decisions on The Family, 19 April 2016, 19H00

Amoris Laetitia – the Joy of Love, Pope Francis’ letter on love in the family, was the subject of a CPLO lecture by Dr Jan Jans, held at St Michael’s parish, Rondebosch. Dr Jans, a regular visitor from Belgium, noted that the animating theme of the letter, as it is for everything Pope Francis says, was God’s merciful love. It was also possible to see a threefold emphasis on the practice of discernment, the principle of graduality, and the virtue of mercy. These should be present, and nurtured, in every Christian marriage and family. Dr Jans said that the letter dealt with a number of contested issues, including divorce and remarriage, irregular unions, and the position of non-heterosexual people, but without providing simple, rule-based answers to these questions. The Pope appeared to be encouraging local Bishops’ Conferences, individual pastors, and Catholic families themselves, to take greater responsibility for working out solutions to difficult situations. The lecture was attended by over 100 people, and a lively question-and-answer session followed the talk.

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L-R: Fr Peter-John and Dr Jan Jans


Amoris Laetitia_CPLO 19 April 2016