Refugees & Migrants

Questions pertaining to displaced persons constitute one of the most pressing social issues of our time. This is so both because of the numbers of people affected – 65.5 million directly, and many more indirectly; and in terms of the geographic spread of the problem – few parts of the world are unaffected. An equally important issue is the fact that the factors that drive migration are varied. Some, like war, are age-old but others, like climate change, are new. The implication of this is that fresh analytical paradigms and policy perspectives are necessary in order to cope meaningfully with the problem. In the Roman Catholic domain the fact that Pope Francis has taken personal leadership in this field, speaks of its importance as a faith issue and highlights the need for the universal church to contribute to an international approach and a working out of CST values in international policy perspectives.


  1. Legislation and Policy
  2. Migrant, Refugee and Displaced Children
  3. Drivers of Migration
  4. Trafficking in Persons
  5. Xenophobia and Social Cohesion