Roundtable Discussion on Fracking

On the morning of Monday, 10 March 2014, the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison
Office hosted a roundtable discussion on the much talked about matter of
hydraulic fracturing entitled The First Frack is the Deepest: A Deeper Look
at Hydraulic Fracturing in South Africa. The speakers for the event were Mr
Jonathan Deal from the Treasure the Karoo Action Group, Mr Niall Kramer from
Shell as well as Dr Julia Schünemann from the Institute of Security Studies.
The discussion that followed the presentations was hearty and dealt with a
range of concerns including the chemicals that will be used during the
fracking process; the various misgivings about the water that will be used
as well as the effects the practice of fracking will have on the available
groundwater; and the overlooked social, health and cultural impacts fracking
could bring about.

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