Roundtable discussion on the Implications of a South African nuclear build held on 22 May 2015

The demand for energy continually increases with South Africa’s developing population and economy leading the CPLO to organise a roundtable discussion on the Implications of a South African Nuclear Build on 22 May 2015. The speakers at the occasion were Mr Shane Pereira from Lesedi Nuclear Services; Mr Andrew Kenny, an independent energy consultant; Ms Liz McDaid from SAFCEI; and Mr Saliem Fakir from the WWF. Mr Pereira examined the construction implications of such an infrastructural endeavour; Ms McDaid focussed on the socio-economic implications, exploring the legacy of nuclear energy in South Africa as well as in other countries worldwide. Mr Kenny looked at the positive implications that would accompany having nuclear as our main source of energy; and Mr Fakir spoke about other energy options we could have instead of going the nuclear route. An explosive topic that gave participants much food for thought.

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L-R: Saliem Fakier (WWF), Shane Pereira (Lesedi Nuclear Services), Liz McDaid (SAFCEI) and Andrew Kenny (independent energy consultant)

AKenny presentation
LMcDaid SAFCEI presentation
S Pereira presentation Construction Perspective
WWF Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference – May 22

Invitation – Implications of Nuclear Build