The Sin of Abuse in Our Church: Attempting to understand it, 26 March 2019

The CPLO hosted a public meeting on the Abuse Crises in the Church. Dr Jan Jans looked at the crises through the eyes of a moral theologian and outlined the recent history of the abuse and the cover ups of abuse. He showed the increasing focused attention of Pope Francis to the issue using an analysis of his comments on this issue and showed a shift in language especially through the lens of the abuse as being primarily an abuse of power. This is seen as clericalism. He also pointed to the need for a recovery of the importance of baptism as the key sacrament and less of an emphasis on the unfettered power of ordination as part of the corrective. Ordination then seen not as power but as service. He also underlined the abuse of funds when spent on covering up, expensive lawyers when it is actually money given for service.




Public Lecture 2019